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May. 20th, 2010


~Wigs location store~

Cette idée de mettre mes perruques au service d'autres m'est venue en remarquant la grande quantité de sujet qui s'ouvraient sur Cosplay Forum France venant de personne qui recherchaient en urgence une perruque pour leur cosplay.

Maintenant que je commence à en avoir de plus en plus et que je n'en met pas aussi souvent que je ne le voudrait, j'ai donc décidé de proposer de prêter mes perruques pour la journée.

voir l'annonce :)Collapse )En Stock

Brune courte spikée : Dispo
Blonde longue ondulée avec frange : Réservée pour PM (jour indéfini)
Verte mixée courte avec rajout : Dispo
Bleue mixée courte : Réservée pour JAPAN EXPO (jour indéfini)
Blanche courte :  Dispo
Blanc grisée lisse mi-longue avec frange : Indisponible dimanche PM
Blanc grisée spikée mi-longue : Dispo
Bleue clair lisse longue avec longue frange : Dispo
Bleue noire mi-longue sans frange : Dispo
une perruque blonde rosée avec rajout Dispo
une perruque longue noire violacée (avec reflet violet) avec frange Dispo
une perruque blanche longue ondulée avec frange Indisponible Samedi PM
une perruque courte auburn Dispo
une perruque mi longue auburn raide  Dispo
une perruque médium châtain Réservée Samedi PM
une perruque blond caramel courte Réservée Samedi PM
Une perruque carré noir  Dispo
une perruque verte platine courte SORTIE Dispo
[A venir] une perruque longue noire bouclée Dispo
[A venir] une perruque brune coupe Sakura Dispo
une perruque bleue pale Dispo
Une perruque longue Auburn style Erza Dispo
Une perruque longue raide avec frange blonde (en attente de confirmation)

2 Minis rajouts bleus métallisés (25cm) : Dispo
2 Minis rajouts blancs (25cm) : Dispo

En attente de photos

En attente de réception
[A venir] une perruque chatin claire mi longue bouclée
[A venir] une perruque mi-longue effilee prune


Tarifs et aperçusCollapse )

Mar. 31st, 2010


Looking for...


It's have been a long time since my last entry in my LJ ^^.
This time I'm looking for something for a friend who wants to buy a YuGiOh GX model Duel Disk for about 30€ (~45$) We are making a cosplay group project for the end of April, and he would appreciate if he has his own duel disk to make shooting with us.
Well, I know it may be too late now, but we are looking for it since a long time and I wanted to try any possibilities to find it. '__'

If you have any clue or know anyone who sell a duel disk GX model, please be free and comment the entry.

Thank you very much o/

Sep. 9th, 2009


"Kimi wa boku no taiyou"

Today is Masa's release single date!
He is the sun of my day =D! (Even if the day who he will be the real sun of my day would be when I recieve it in my mailbox >_<) Even if today I thought that morning is really a pain, I had his face in front of me when I opened my eyes and I suddenly remembered what day today is.
So thank you Masa, wherever you are :>

Sep. 2nd, 2009


News from the front! XD

Hey it's gona be a long time!!

I'm pretty busy now because I found a new job as stewardess and I begin my new work tomorrow in the morning near my house. I am lucky to have found something so quickly! I still can't believe it myself ^____^.

Read more...Collapse ) </div>

Well! It was a pretty long post right?
And Takuya? ;n; I know that he updated his blog and I won't forget my task =)

See ya!!

Aug. 27th, 2009



I was about to go to bed and I find something new to translate later when I'll have time.

Look at the URL address here

^^ He is pretty cute with his can in his hand don't you think so? XD

Well, it's about The game show report made by the staff of the show.

See you soon everyone!! =D


Aug. 24th, 2009



Hello guys!!
I'm back from my trip in Angouleme and I'm happy ^^
I went to ashe_tilmit birthday event. She is one of my best friend. Even if our way separate two years ago, I still think about her and she still like me :)

Then, now I'm back llilyb sent me a funny song XD
It is.... a frog song!
I can't stop listening to it HAHAHA
You know what sound make a frog right? XDCollapse )
Well okok I'm hopeless I know it but I can't help myself XD

Aug. 22nd, 2009


Here I come! :D

Hi everyone!

I forgot to post it on my LJ though I posted on tenipuri_myu but here are the link where you can find some of 2009 May translation, 2009 July translation and 2009 August translation and I'll do my best to keep going like this.
I think I'll post what i've translate on my LJ and link[info]tiramiku_holic 's  work on my LJ before I keep going the translation. =)

Sometimes it may remain some gramatical mistakes in the translation, that is why [info]seigakussiren offered me so kindly to fix the eventuals mistakes I would have made to help me.

And my project is now moving now into a blog translation community crazybluefrog Feel free to join it as you wish ^^ It is an open community where at the moment you just can find some of his blog's translation. [info]seigakussiren is owning the idea of this community and I thank her for letting me create it.

Thank you~^^

Safe! =D

Yeah! Takkun updated his blog today and I'm happy to know he is safe now. I was worried about the fact that the show called "The game" all representation have been canceled because one of the actor had to go to the hospital for illness. Since when he didn't updated his blog until today :/

Oh well, about Takkun, here is the first translation I made and I got today the english correction, so I post them now.

Enjoy yourself =D
Thanks to seigakussiren for the english correction

2009.08.12Collapse )

2009.08.14Collapse )

2008.08.17Collapse )

2009.08.21Collapse )

I keep going in an other entry =)

I keep going with the next subject.

I'll absent 3 days because I'm leaving my room to go on a trip, so I can't translate Takkun's blog before I come back on Monday in the evening.

Well, sweet dreams to everyone :)

Caution : french part

PS: A la personne venue péter plus haut que son cul dans les commentaires sur le dernier article que j'ai poster (je cite pas de nom elle se reconnaitra :
Il existe des gens qui n'ont rien d'autre à foutre de leurs journées qu'à venir emmerder les gens en créant un compte LJ uniquement pour ce genre de remarque. Je vais donc être brève car j'ai pas que ça à faire, je préfère de loin avoir de la gelée à la place d'une cervelle plutôt que d'être lâche. Mais chacun son point de vue ^^

Aug. 20th, 2009


Killing time...

Good morning!

Today, I woke up early... and before my clock rings ^^ (I still wonder why i persist to be so irregulary in rest time >_<)
I slept very lately because of the hot temperature and I woke up too early :s
Well, it isn't interessant so I skip it.

To kill time this time, I checked Masa's official website and blog (that I haven't seen since 4 days) where I could respectivly listened to the 3rd single preview and knew that his Bday event was already cleared >_< Of course... only fanclub members had the information and was invited T.T I hope my project to go to Japan next year will become reality ^^ I'll do my best! Wait for me Japan : Here I come!
Well, "you are my sun" song sounds very great! I felt in love of the melody and Masa's voice is incredible, unbelievable and truly beautiful. That is the Masa i know! I'm so happy! And this time, there are 3 songs (only in the CD version) So I think I'll buy both version of the single because I definitely want to see the PV on the DVD. What have you done as "lie" this time Masa huh? I'm so impatient ^______^

Next corner! Be careful it's a big show!
YES! I went to mail box and I found this.

What could it be??
Surprise!Collapse )

Hope I succeed to share a little of my happiness with this post ^^

PS: Though I didn't receive my new credit card *angry*

Aug. 19th, 2009



Today was too damn hot!!
I thought that it will be better at night but what I see when I looked at the temperature is really awful...

Paris by night

Give me a break! It's too hard to sleep in those conditions >_<


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